L'll Buzz



Genuine plug and play small solar home system.

Designed in South Africa for harsh African conditions.

Creating jobs by manufacturing in South Africa.

Certified high performance 25w solar panel with stand provide adequate battery charging.  

2 x 3w 12volt LED lights including robust lamp shade and wall mounted switch add extra dignity for the home owner.    

1 x 1,6w purpose made wall mounted outdoor light adding a little extra security for the home owner.


Common 12v System will ensure many appliances in the future for client development. E.g. TV



South Africa


25w complete with 5m cable and moulded connector plug.


Individual test report with each panel supplied



25w complete with 5m cable with moulded connector plug ensuring simple correct installation.



Lead crystal battery

12v / 12ah rechargeable lead crystal battery


1 year




Purpose designed box, colourful instruction/warning labels.   Final design to suit clients requirements


Polyethylene coloured coded to client’s specification


Unbreakable, drop tested with battery fitted from 3m high without damage.

           Adhesive label designed to suit client requirements

User friendly colour coded in any language indicating user instructions and helpline call number

           Connectors.   RCA type.

Fused RCA plug & play connectors for lights.

Colour coded for solar panel/charger input.


Rope for suspending or tying or box can stand on shelf.

Wall mounting bracket supplied

           Cigarette lighter socket

Fuse protected with red LED indicator.


Adaptor supplied with 2 x USB ports with fuse protection

LED waring indicators


           Colour changing LED indicating battery status.

Green:      Battery fully charged                              Fine

Yellow:     Battery medium charge                         Fair

Red:          Battery low.  Load shed eminent         Flat

           Fuses and LED fault indicators. Automatic reset

Independent red:   Lights



Independent red:   Cigarette lighter socket

           Solar panel charging.

Green:      LED

           Load shed = Output power off.

Red:          Battery flat

           Dust & water protection

LED’s are positioned behind rugged purpose made label



Total 3 x 12volt LED  lights




2 Indoor suspended lights with lamp shade.



1 Fixed wall mounted outdoor security light.



Suspended or hanging lights

Suspended lights are positioned in a optimum position for best light output, user satisfaction and eliminate glare.    Eg  over a table or reading area.


Wall mounted switches to suit client requirements



Appropriate size with moulded RCA plugs

SABS approved cable with moulded plugs ensuring solid long-term connection.

Quick connect system

Dedicated plug and play.



Security device. Optional

Numbered, security  cable tie indicates tampering

Designed and manufactured in SOUTH AFRICA