History of MaxLite


MaxLite (Pty) Ltd. was founded in 1989 by Trevor van der Vyver, who at that time was in a position to identify a need for alternate energy within South Africa. MaxLite’s initial focus in the alternate energy industry focused on solar power and gas as a means to charge batteries. MaxLite has focused on solar power for over 20 years. MaxLite specialised in both solar photovoltaic’s as well as solar thermal. 

Over the years Trevor has been Chairperson of Sustainable Energy Society of S.A. and formed various divisions within SESSA


As designers manufactures and suppliers we soon became trainers.



Our interest in creatings jobs in rural areas has increased while Eskom is sheading their workforce.


Today MaxLite boasts becoming a market leader in the design and local manufacture of solar products to national and internationally recognised standards.

Over the many years MaxLite’s client base has included both the public and private sectors within South Africa and neighboring countries.

 Some of the awards Trevor van der Vyver of MaxLite has received over the years for his work in the Solar Industry




Specialised MaxLite Products


The products MaxLite manufacture are designed and manufactured with the conditions of Southern Africa in mind, resulting in products with superior quality and performance within Southern Africa. Products are ideally suited for both residential and commercial usage.

Solar water heater range called 

WaterLite (Residential and commercial application), ZA Patent 2010/07967

Solar home system called a MaxMeter (Rural home or RDP home electrification), Currently installing in Queenstown , Tsomo, Mt.Fletcher and Matatiele.  Design protected

Solar / Energy efficient street Lights called GreenLites (Governments, Municipalities and estate developers)


WaterLite Solar Water Heaters


WaterLite units are unique to the world and carry our patent No: 2010/07967 . WaterLite is designed specifically for the African market.

WaterLite solar water heaters are SABS approved and accredited by Eskom on the solar water heating rebate programme.

Local production of WaterLite Solar Water Heaters ensures stringent levels of quality control.

All the WaterLite solar water heaters accessories are SABS approved and generally available in regular hardware stores.

WaterLite range have been standardised on by numerous national and international organizations.


MaxLite’s  MaxMeter


MaxMeter is a specialised, custom designed and manufactured regulator designed for solar applications.

MaxMeter is currently being manufactured to offer clients a solar fee for service management systems for Solar Home systems. See KES in Queenstown, Mt Fletcher and Tsomo, Eastern Cape.

Components required for the design of electronic equipment were tested in 1998 at the University of Madrid, Spain. In house product design ensures MaxLite retains its competitive edge.

MaxLite manufactures rural Solar Street lighting, and domestic lighting.


Photovoltaic activities


In line with the government policy of universal access to usable energy MaxLite solar product range is generally supplied to rural or low cost housing locations. Currently MaxLite’s MaxMeters supply metered solar power to over 8000 rural and low cost houses in sustainable projects. 


Testimony to projects undertaken by MaxLite


In the early year’s government projects seemed to “come and go” meaning that long term sustainability has been problematic. However job creation in the alternate energy is set to increase whereas the electricity utility Eskom is shedding jobs. This is not uncommon the other parts of the world.


  • Eskom registered supplier.     Registered ESCO.


  • The Cabo Mdeni energy centre E.C. from a community energy centre, is now a fully fledged, self sustainable fuel distributor serving local customers needs.


  • Government concessions have been awarded in KZN, Eastern Cape and Limpopo province are expanding to meet specified roll out numbers. MaxLite has been involved with all concessions in S.A.


  • Swaziland solar water heater project is set to expand.


  • Pilot solar water heater projects within northern Mozambique are proving to be successful.