Solar Water Heater

WaterLite Solar Water Heaters (click to access our waterlite website)

are specifically designed & manufactured locally by us for our AFRICAN conditions

The WaterLite high pressure range of Solar Water Heaters are SABS Approved.





WaterLite is the superior performing, indirect, freeze resistant Solar Water Heater in South Africa.


WaterLite High Pressure Solar Water Heaters are available in 3 different sizes: 100, 150 and 200 litre.

WaterLite Solar Water Heaters caters for both flat and pitched roof options. WaterLite has installed over 5000 units in new developments over the past few years.

We offer a service which assists the client in getting the system fitted to the roof and ready for the installation team to install.
WaterLite have designed the systems so that installation time is minimized meaning that your teams are free to install more units per day and projects can be completed on time.
We have designed the systems to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible to the architect and client.
Systems can be painted on that basis so that they blend in better with the roof, should the client or estate require this.
We have specifically designed both Pitched roof and Flat roof frames so that they match the aesthetic appeal of the house. 








 This type of evacuated tube solar water heater system is unique to WaterLite.ZA Patent No 2010/07967


WaterLite also have their own range of low cost units, specifically manufactured in South Africa.  Patent # 2011/05201